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Charles Wohlforth

News and Events

NPR Science Friday: Broader perspective on BP spill

LA Times, op-ed: Science failures and the oil spill

OnEarth online: Oil spills shatter relationships and communities

Seed, commentary:  A spill's dirty secret

WNYC Brian Lehrer Show: Social and emotional oil spill impacts

LA Times, op-ed: Relearning oil spill lessons

NY Daily News: Seafood in restaurants safe after Gulf Coast oil spill - but long-term effects could be devastating

NY Times, dotEarth: A Valdez reporter on gushing oil

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Wohlforth’s The Fate of Nature to be published by Thomas Dunne/St. Martin’s Press June 8, 2010. Synopsis: The Fate of Nature uses the characters and grandeur of Alaska, and the latest science, to examine the greatest …
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